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How do I enroll in the Sales Class?

So you have decided to attend school and get your license!  Here is a summary of the steps you will take to enroll in class and a link to the main site with more details.

  1. Decide how you will pay for the course.
    • Check
      • Deposit of $50.00:
        • Send to Laurel Stone School of Real Estate, 8515 Sauby Road, Larsen, WI 54947
        • The balance (class fee minus deposit) will be due the first day of class by either check or cash.
        • Include your:
          1. Name 
          2. Address
          3. Phone
          4. Email address
          5. Class you wish to attend
      • Pay the fee ($315.00) in full by sending a check to the address above.
    • Credit Card
        1. Name
        2. Address
        3. Phone number
        4. Email address to send invoice to
        5. Class you wish to attend
      • You will receive an invoice by email from Paypal. 
        • I will notify you when I send the invoice so you know that I received your email.
        • You may pay with either a credit card or your paypal account.
        • You will receive an instant receipt when you pay and if you don't get one, something didn't work correctly so you should try again.
  2. Order the books.
  3. Come to class the first day by 8:30 am. (dress code is casual)
  4. For directions, click here.
That should do it.  If you have other questions, send an email to me at